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Parish Council – Committees

Planning & Environment

Meets every 3rd Monday at 7.00pm in the Memorial Library.  Please contact the Parish Clerk if you wish to attend. The next Planning and Environment meeting is 21st August 2023 at 19:00 (if there are applications to be determined).

The committee will examine planning applications received from the Borough Council and respond on behalf of the Parish Council. It is also responsible for all environmental initiatives in the Parish

  • To consider all matters relating to planning applications, and to recommend to the Borough Council on behalf of the Parish Council.
  • To consider other planning related matters such as consultations relating to planning and the environment and prepare responses to the on behalf of the Parish Council.
  • To consider what initiatives should be taken by the Parish Council in respect of the environment.
  • To liaise between the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group.

Community Development

Meets ad-hoc. The next meeting date will be updated here.

This committee deals with all aspects of Community Liaison in the Parish, as follows:

  • To produce Albury Matters
  • To manage the Albury Parish website and Albury Parish Facebook page
  • To promote the work and role of the Parish Council
  • To promote Albury village through newsletters, press, radio and TV as appropriate

Highways, Byways & Open Spaces

Meets every 2nd month at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall. The next meeting date will be updated here.

This committee deals with all matters associated with public transport, highways, car parking, street furniture, bus shelters, open spaces and other Parish Council owned land, as follows:

  • Public Transport: To promote and encourage sustainable public transport for the Parish.
  • Highways: To consider and act on all matters relating to highways (roads and footpaths and public rights of way), and to liaise with and lobby SCC accordingly.
  • Road Safety: To monitor all aspects of road safety and liaise with the Highways Department when necessary.
  • Parking problems: To monitor parking issues in the Parish.
  • Street Furniture & Bus Shelters: To manage, maintain, replace, install as required in accordance with the agreed delegated budget.
  • Open Spaces & playgrounds: To manage all Parish Council owned or operated sites in accordance with the agreed delegated budget.

Village Hall

Meets every 2nd month at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall.  The next meeting date will be updated here.

This committee deals with all matters associated with the Village Hall and Memorial Library, including promotion, bookings, maintenance and cost management.

The function of the committee is to promote the Village Hall and Library, handle all bookings and ensure that a Booking Clerk keeps the booking system up-to date, that the hall and library are well maintained and meet health and safety standards, and to manage the budget agreed annually by the Parish Council.

​The Committee may co-opt members from the public for specific purposes and terms as appropriate.

Policy & Resources

Meets as necessary.  

The committee reviews the finances of the Parish Council as per the Financial Standing Orders together with all matters shown below. Unless by Parish Council Resolution to the contrary, the committee will make recommendations on all matters back to the Parish Council for ratification or further action.

  • Financial: consider all matters itemised in the Financial Regulations, prepare the annual budget and consequent precept and recommend to the Parish Council.
  • Personnel: deal with all employment issues of the Clerk and other staff employed by the Council from time to time. This will include Recruitment, Contract of Employment, Rates of Pay, Appraisal and Discipline as appropriate.
  • Stategic Plan: develop a 4/5 year plan for the Parish Council and oversee implementation.
  • Quality Council: develop the action plans needed to acquire and maintain Quality Council status.
  • Councillors' Training: identify training that will assist Parish Councillors in the performance of their duties.
  • Health & Safety: monitor all aspects of health and safety ensuring that the Clerk has carried out Risk Assessments with the relevant committees.
  • General: consider any other matters delegated to it by the Parish Council.


Here are the most recent sub-committee agendas and minutes:

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