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Climate Emergency

What is

In May 2021 Albury Parish Council agreed that we must play our part in the Climate Change Emergency and a Climate Change working group was formed (Albury Climate Emergency - ACE). Since then, the group has extended around other parishes throughout the Tillingbourne. ACE has rebranded as

They are a growing, community group of people living and working in The Tillingbourne Valley that are taking action to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss though local initiatives.

As the Tillingbourne Stream connects our villages from Leith Hill to Shalford, before flowing on to rivers and seas, we recognise that our lives are connected to nature and humanity far beyond our beautiful valley.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Andi McCann at


LoCASE is a grant funding programme, offering SMEs in Guildford grants between £1,000 and £10,000, covering 40% of eligible costs, to help green your business and cut energy costs, along with an environmental training scheme and events. The funding is available for companies to implement energy efficiency measures, or business development for companies providing green products or services.

The LoCASE Programme objectives are to help small and medium businesses get greener, more competitive, profitable and future ready; to drive the growth of a low carbon economy; to lower carbon emissions from businesses and industries in Surrey and to create new jobs in the green economy by stimulating demand, supporting supply and transferring knowledge.

LoCASE has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and is being delivered through a partnership between Kent County Council, Surrey County Council, and other councils and universities in the South East.


LoCASE was launched in Surrey in late 2021. Looking at some of the projects already delivered in the Brighton area we have been able to identify some key project types and average savings which can be gained.


Surrey has large areas of beautiful natural countryside, important to nature and to people. The Save Surrey Countryside group helps protect Surrey’s countryside, its important habitats, and its species of flora and fauna. This is critical in a time of biodiversity loss, climate change, pollution, population growth and development pressure.The need for people to have free access to countryside and nature, for pleasure and health, is also important, in a way which does not damage the nature.People can join the Save Surrey Countryside Facebook page to read and share information.

Save Surrey Countryside also researches in detail some planning proposals that may damage the environment, and sends evidence to the planning authorities.

An update on recent projects:

IGas Proposal to produce Hydrogen from Drilled Natural Gas in Albury Park

Research showed the process would emit 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide for each tonne of hydrogen produced, harming climate, and emit pollutants that harm ancient trees and lichens. Research also showed Albury Park has over 300 trees on the Ancient Tree Inventory, and is the most important site for lichens in Surrey. Evidence was sent to Surrey planning. The application was refused in March 2023.

Ash Dieback Felling in Sheep

leasIn winter 2022/23, contractors to Surrey County Council started mass ash dieback felling in Sheepleas using heavy machinery in the woodland. Protected nature was being harmed, including hazel dormouse habitat, and the wood was mainly to be burned, harming climate. There were protests, and felling was stopped. We and others suggested changes. The work is continuing this winter, on a more sensitive and selective basis, along public rights of way, and leaving more wood on site. Proposal to infill Woodhill Sandpit at Farley Heath

The application proposes 44 HGV movements a day, 22 each way, for 4 years, to, from, and along the A25. The infill would destroy a rare habitat in the sandpit, and HGV emissions would harm nature sites, the ancient trees and lichens in Albury Park, and the ancient yews at Newlands Corner and Merrow Downs, the most important ancient yew site in Europe. Evidence was sent to Surrey planning. The application is yet to be decided.

Proposal for a McDonalds alongside Tice’s Meadow Nature Reserve at Badshot Lea

The application proposes a drive through, indoor and outdoor restaurants, large car park, lighting and signs at Tongham Services, all operating 24 hours, alongside Tice’s Meadow Nature Reserve. The vehicle emissions, litter, noise and light pollution would damage the extraordinary nature there, 1,730 recorded species, including 205 bird species, many protected and red listed. The proposed site is in a Site of Nature Conservation Importance, on a flood plain, and in a wildlife corridor. It is one of the best inland bird watching sites in south east England. Evidence was sent to Guildford planning. The application is yet to be decided.

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